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Micro Format SecureGuard™ Rx Paper Products meet and exceed ALL Medicaid Requirements

Effective November 1, 2012
All Arizona Medicaid Scripts MUST meet Medicaid Requirements

Arizona Tamper Resistant Prescription Paper Products

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In an effort to eliminate Prescription Fraud, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented a comprehensive tamper resistant Rx Script Program.
The reason Medicaid requirements were put in place is simply to prevent Medicaid prescription fraud. Medicaid loses millions and millions of dollars annually due to forged or altered prescriptions. By making it harder for patients to alter or forge prescriptions, which affects the sale of illegal drugs, it is anticipated that Medicaid can save a significant amount of money. Every Doctor should be concerned about forged and altered prescriptions since it is their signature that appears on the script. Forged and altered prescriptions affect everyone with higher insurance costs as well as higher state and federal taxes.
Full compliance with the rules and regulations set forth in the The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) program is now mandatory.

All MEDICAID Prescriptions MUST be written on Tamper Resistant Paper.
To comply, all Medicaid Scripts must contain One or More industry-recognized features from each of THREE CATAGORIES of Security as specified by CMS.

Micro Format and Secure Guard Prescription Paper Products
meet and exceed Medicaid Tamper Resistant Requirements for all three categories.

In addition, Micro Format, Inc., is an approved manufacturer of Secure Prescription Paper
in every State in which approval is required.

What are the Medicaid "Tamper Resistant" Prescription Requirements?

For a prescription to be considered "Tamper Resistant,"
prescriptions must contain at least one feature in each of three catagories.

How are "Industry-recognized" security features defined and
what are some of the features that meet the requirements as stated?
  1. Category One
  2. Category Two
  3. Category Three

"HIPAA" Compliant
Patient Sign-In Log

Patient Sign-In Logs Patient Sign-In Log


To activate Secure Name Badge

Visitor Badge with journal

Self Expiring Visitor Name Badge
with Record Copy

If you dispense Sample Medications ...
You need the SecureGuard™

Sample Medication Label Recording System

Meets Federal and State Regulations.
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